Interest research

Structure elucidation of organic and organo-metalic compounds.
RMN as a analytical tool (SNIF-NMR and Chemometric) for: Food NMR, Phytomedicine, body fluids and Fuel.
NMR techniques: DOSY, HR-MAS for semi solid material, multinuclear NMR


The Laboratory has as main objective the formation of human resources in the area of NMR directed to the development and application of modern techniques, in the liquid and semisolid state, aiming structural studies at organic and inorganic molecules. In this direction some projects of research are of our interest:

  • Development and Application of modern techniques such as DOSY(Diffusion Ordered SpectroscopY), HR/MAS(High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning), Inverse detection (Indirect), Analysis in micron scale amounts, Determination of relative and absolute configuration in estereogenics centers, Pulses sequences for determination of long distance couplings constants 1H- 13C, 1H-15N e 1H-31P, among others;
  • Hyphenation NMR: LC-NMR and LC-SPE-NMR
  • Applications of the technique SNIF-NMR(Site Specific Natural Isotopic Fractionation studied by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance);
  • Food NMR;
  • Multinuclear NMR, NMR in solid state, etc);
  • Phytotherapics finger printing

Projects in Progress

  • Project: "NMR and chemometric analysis aplying to Brazilian orange juice"
    PhD: Clayton Rodrigues de Oliveira
  • Project:"Nutricional Characterização, physical chemical data and 1H NMR spectroscopy for polen of bees from amazonia region" 
    MsC:Kemila Sarmento Rebelo